We are eating plants now.  Lots and lots of them, every day!

June 30th’s plant-based meal : spaghetti squash topped with caramelized vidalia onions , mushrooms , julienned red peppers and red kidney beans, flavored with cumin .

According to the books and websites I’ve been reading lately, switching to a plant-based diet brings magical results.  I can expect to lose weight, lower my LDL (bad) and raise my HDL (good) cholesterol, lower my blood sugar level, lower my blood pressure, increase my level of energy and avoid  heart disease, the chance of stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

I’ve been moving toward becoming a vegetarian for a couple of years, but I still occasionally grill us a nice rare steak.  More recently, I gave up dairy products and moved toward veganism, but still had seafood on a regular basis and grated cheese on my pasta.  I’ve never been very good at following rules, or doing anything 100% by the book, but I reasoned that any improvement would help me get healthier.

6 months ago my cardiologist took a look at my cholesterol numbers and wanted me to start medication.  I decided instead to give up dairy products.  In two weeks I’ll find out whether or not my change in diet has made enough of a difference to change the doctor’s mind.  Wish me luck!

But what has me most excited about these changes is the bounty provided by the CSA we joined last week.  I had heard about CSAs from friends in other states, but never considered joining one until I received an email from The Good Earth Garden Center in Cranston announcing their CSA.  You can read about it at http://www.goodearthri.com/Pages/The_Good_Earth_CSA.html

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Members pay a flat fee at the beginning of the growing season, then get a share each week of whichever crops are ripe.  In Rhode Island, the growing season provides us with 14 weekly shares of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers grown at our local organic farm.

After posting a few photos of my culinary adventures in plant-based eating on Facebook, I decided to expand upon my FB postings in a blog, where I can talk about the plant-based diet, the CSA, and how I take the weekly shares and turn them into delicious healthy plant-based meals.

I hope some of you find this information interesting enough that you will try eating more plant-based meals, and  maybe join your local CSA!